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telephone list photoProducing voter call sheets is a separate issue from appending telephone numbers to a voter file. The programming for these two processes is different and even require different commercial programs to produce. While you cannot produce the phone lists or call sheets without first appending the telephones to the voter file, they are separate products because of the work involved.

We try to offer products to fit most any budget, so while some products will require a complete append of telephone information to the voter file, others may not.

These lists are not intended for polling. For polling data, please refer to the "Polling Data" page.

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Call Sheets

Like walk lists, telephone call sheets are designed to make contacting voters as efficient as possible. Ideal call sheets display as much pertinent voter information as needed to effectively judge the demographics of the household you are calling.

Precinct Break Call Sheets

This type of call sheet is comparable to the walk lists. A new page begins after every change of precinct. The list is sorted in a linear fashion to allow calling neighbors of supporters and referencing the supporting neighbor.

PDF icon Sample Precinct Break Call Sheets

PDF icon Call Sheet Field and Code Descriptions

Continuous Call Sheets

Continuous call sheets have a specific column in the data that lists the precinct. There is no new page generated after every precinct change, so it is essentially one long list of voters with telephone numbers. This is particularly advantageous when there are a small number of voters per precinct.

PDF icon Sample Continuous Call Sheets

PDF icon Call Sheet Field and Code Descriptions

Alphabetical List

Every now and then, we are asked to produce an alphabetical list of voters with phones in a district. This is used primarily in smaller, cohesive communities where local operatives can easily look up and identify voters whom they know, but do not necessarily have a telephone number for the person. The operative calls the voter and makes a pitch for the candidate. This can be very effective in some communities.

PDF icon Sample Alpha Precinct Break Call Sheets

PDF icon Sample Alpha Continuous Call Sheets

PDF icon Call Sheet Field and Code Descriptions

This list is included as an example of a creative approach to phone banking. If you have ideas on how to uniquely go after a subset of voters using a specialized call list for your district, let us know.

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Voter Phone Files

We can supply your campaign with files that just include voters with phones who may also match additional criteria that you specify. You may already have the capability of phone banking on a professional level, and you simply need the data in Excel or as a text file to implement your telephone operation.

PDF icon Sample Field List

PDF icon Call Sheet Field and Code Descriptions

PDF icon State of Florida Field and Code Descriptions

We provide files with sufficient pertinent fields to precisely target various demographic entities in your community.

Phone File Data Transfer Formats

Available data formats:

  • Excel
  • Comma or Tab Delimited Text
  • DBF

I regularly produce the voter file in either Excel™ or tab-delimited text. Please remember that Excel has a 64,000 record limitation, therefore many larger districts will not work in Excel.

Optional data format conversions for a small service fee:

  • Access
  • SQL Server (as backup file or "detached database")

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Auto Dialing Files

Also known as robo calling, this method of contacting voters is used frequently. It's effectiveness, however, is little understood. I have seen it used effectively in only one or two instances in Florida.

The secret to success is that the recorded caller must be extremely well known, and/or have a known reputation for honesty, whether you like the caller or not.

For instance, If the Governor, or President, or a famous movie star calls on your behalf, there is a much greater chance that the recipient will listen to the message, than if they receive a call from their local State Representative.

Now, what does not work: having the Mayor calling voters in a municipal commission race will rarely work, having a local party leader call, will not work.

Those are the extremes, so, when you do robo calling, you need to feel confident that the voters you contact are going to

  1. listen
  2. be impacted by the caller