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Sorry, Campaign Data Is Closed for Business

key-keyboard photoVoter lists and demographics are the cornerstones of a winning campaign. Whether you are a candidate, campaign strategist, campaign manager, researcher, pollster, or data processor, Campaign Data can furnish you with Florida voter lists, voter phone lists, voter demographics, voter mail lists, and any other data processing products you will need for a successful campaign.

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Campaign Data concentrates solely on Florida voter data and voter demographics, and by so doing, we have acquired a singular expertise in Florida campaigns. We maintain timely statewide voter records for all voting districts. We have provided data, demographic analysis, and campaign related materials for more than 465 Florida campaigns since 1994.

Campaign Data brings special insight to political campaigns and research projects where an understanding of Florida's multi-ethnic diversity, coupled with an extensive knowledge of actual campaigns, is essential to accurately processing and analyzing Florida voter data.

We are far more than a data vendor. Our years of hands-on experience in campaigns makes us eminently qualified to produce data products that are essential to a winning campaign.